Billing Brook School

The 6th Form

The 6th Form centre is approximately 1 mile from the main site and  offers students the opportunity to follow a personalised, motivating and individual programme, enabling them to grow into independent and confident young adults, and preparing them for the next stage of their of their lives.  We aim for each individual to leave having reached their full potential and having gained the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications to support this.

We have a Café and ‘Pre-loved’ shop on site that is open to the public that the students run with the support from a dedicated team of staff.  In these and other settings students have the opportunity to develop their academic and  work skills, gain confidence in meeting and talking to others, learn to be more independent  and  practice their skills in real-life situations.

Our accommodation consists of a pupil common room, 2 large classrooms, an art room, the café and shop and outdoor spaces which are to be developed to provide social spaces and  areas for the students to learn horticulture

6th Form Information Leaflet 2018

6th Form Year 12 Curriculum Maps

6th Form Year 13 Curriculum Maps