Billing Brook School

World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March pupils and staff at Billing Brook school celebrated World Book Day. With this years focus being 'share a story', supporting pupils to read or listen to a story for just 10 minutes a day, we made sure that this was evident in our events. 

Pupils and staff were asked to dress up as a character from their favourite story, and this meant we had a school full of Harry Potter's, Fantastic Mr Fox and, well, we couldn't find Wally! 

Swap shop ran, as it does each year, with pupils being able to swap old for 'new' books. Pupils and staff donated books and then had the opportunity to swap it for another book. 

However, new for this year was our Monologue Competition. Pupils across the school were asked to sign up for the competition which asked them to recite a passage from a story or poem that they love. With this being the first time we have ran a competition like this, the judges were amazed with the quality of entrants and as result broke their own rules on awarding prizes! The quality of performances was brilliant, and every single participant put their own take on it. With songs, poems and passages from stories all being recited, it was a wonderful way to 'share a story.'

Well done to our winner, Teresa, for her fantastic rendition from the Disney story Brave, and also to all of our pupils who took part.