Billing Brook School

Targets and Progress

All students follow an accreditation route based on their ability, interests and aspirations and are entered for courses at an appropriate level, from Pre-entry level through to Level 1. 

All of our students have an Individual learning Provision Map (ILPM) which is a working document capturing their academic, physical, communication, emotional  and social progress. Targets are set based on their ECHP long term outcomes and are continually reviewed and updated, ensuring that students are continually making progress. Parents are informed of and involved in ILPM target setting at Annual reviews and parent evenings.

The academic progress in English and Maths is recorded on a system called Educator. This allows us to track the acquisition of skills  and to identify ‘next steps’ in their learning.

Progress in all areas is monitored closely and teachers produce an end of year report, detailing the students achievements.