The Primary Department - Pupils aged 5 - 11

The Primary Department follows the National Curriculum with a focus on key skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT as well as personal, social and emotional development. We provide a flexible and creative curriculum allowing children to explore their learning at their own individual level through a variety of different of different teaching styles, specialist resources and meaningful first hand experiences. On several occasions during the year we will have special events activities where we may focus on 'the arts', 'science and technology' etc and children can engage in special activities provided by visits or specialist visitors to the school. Our aim is for children to begin to develop into confident independent learners.

Our class sizes are small (between 8 - 12) with additional teaching assistants to help meet the needs of the individual and our links with a local mainstream school provide opportunities for integration where appropriate.

Monthly celebration assemblies ensure children are rewarded for their efforts and are proud to receive 'achievement leaves' for their hard work contributing to each classes 'success tree'.

A learning environment is created with a focus on life skills and independence. Children take part in weekly food technology lessons and visits to the local area. Outdoor education brings the curriculum to life and we are fortunate in having parks, shopping centres, woods and local places of worship within walking distance of the school. Added to this children take part in school trips to venues such as the Leicester Space Centre, Duxford Air Museum and Sulgrave Manor using the school's minibuses.

Children's economic well-being is addressed through visits to supermarkets where children buy their ingredients for food technology therefore learning about money and budgeting.

Pupils have individual work programmes designed to support their individual personal and social and learning targets some including specialist resources such as using PECS ( Picture Exchange Communication System), Makaton signing or specialist communication aids. Although part of the ASD provision, we have two autistic specific classes for our pupils who require a structured setting following the TEACCH approach.

Many of our Pupils are working on 'P' levels which are the levels below National Curriculum age related expectations. The success of our pupils is monitored by the use of STAT Sheffield. More information on STAT Sheffield and 'P' Scales are available as an information leaflet to parents.