Sports Premium at Billing Brook School

What are Sports Premium monies?

For the academic year 2013 – 2014 the DfE have allocated additional monies to support primary schools to improve the provision of PE and sport in schools, although “schools have the freedom to choose how to do this”.

The intended use of this money at Billing Brook is to use sport as one of our “vehicles” to encourage our pupils to develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

An additional desire of our school is that pupils enjoy the activities and have fun, in order for them to continue these activities outside of school.

Intended Use of Sports Premium Monies 2013 – 2014 at Billing Brook School.

Allocation of Monies to Billing Brook:£8,225.00 for the full year of which £5.030 to be spent by 31.03.14.

Targeted number:45 primary aged pupils.


  1. Enable access to additional swimming and hydro pool activities, to encourage pupils enjoyment in the water and to learn key skills associated with swimming. Allocation: £1,500
  2. For some pupils, particularly those with a social communication disorder, it is hard for them to access sports that motivate them. However, water sport activities often are very popular. It was identified in July 2013, that an increase in access to swimming for pupils would be beneficial for them as so many of our pupils enjoy the weekly trip to the swimming pool.

    The school intends to purchase additional swimming time, with instructor and access to the local swimming pool for primary aged pupils.

    Target groups:

    • Primary ASD pupils – additional swimming session each week
    • Year 2 & 3 Weekly swimming
    • More regular access for Years 4, 5 & 6 to swimming
    • Early years; reception family swim – once a term.

    Potential Impact:

    Additional access to swimming improves healthy lifestyle opportunities and the development of confidence and skills relating to water activities. In addition to this we hope that the children have fun being able to swim and access this activity outside of the school year and at weekends with families.

    Evaluation March 2014

    Additional swimming sessions were purchased and activities took place at our local swimming pool (10 minutes walk) with a swimming instructor. The additional swimming sessions have been very popular with the children and are helping us achieve our aim to create a positive attitude to sport and healthy activities. More pupils are becoming confident in the water Our “Fish” awards have become more regular in achievement assemblies.

    Pupils with ASD have had far more access to a healthy life style and built upon their enjoyment, through their additional weekly session, which has resulted in fewer distressed behaviour incidents on the afternoons when swimming has taken place.

    The additional swimming has not been as beneficial for the very few pupils who are raised non ambient. This has been reviewed and addressed by purchasing access time at another special school’s hydro pool for an hour a week. Staff are being trained in use of the hydro pool and the three primary aged pupils will access additional water activities from April 2014 (sports premium)

  3. Additional lunch time clubs, to encourage and engage pupils in sports activities – lead by sports instructor. Allocation £1,440.00
  4. Target group: 10 – 15 primary aged pupils

    Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday and Friday: Target group of 10 – 15 pupils. (This is matched funded, as secondary aged pupils also take part in clubs.) activities include – Football; basketball; Boccia; circuit activities. Focus on team games and working together.

    Potential Impact:

    Pupils enjoy lunch times more; work together as a team, which impacts in the classroom; have the opportunity to develop specific sport related skills, which improves self confidence.

    Evaluation March 2014

    The sports programme delivered by our Instructor has been very popular, so much so that additional sessions are being run for our secondary aged pupils. (Matched funding). Primary aged pupils are eager to take part at lunch time in the additional sports activities, which has resulted in less off task behaviour by the majority of pupils during this period (although one or two pupils still find it difficult if an activity is more competitive – win or loose situation). PE related skills have improved, as has team spirit. Anticipated increase in pupil progress performance at the end of the year.

  5. Purchase of playground equipment for breaks and lunch – bikes for cycle track on Primary 2 playground. Amount £450.00
  6. Target group: Access for all key stage 1 & 2 pupils. Not all pupils wish to take part in lunch time sports club activities, so additional bikes and helmets will be purchased.

    Evaluation March 2014

    The two additional bikes and 6 helmets purchased are used every break and lunch time. Pupils are beginning to grasp an understanding of cycling in the circuit, with helmets on.

  7. Sports Instructor and Working with other schools Amount £1,680.00

The continuation of working in partnership with our colleagues in other schools, to enable our pupils to join in cross school activities; access to local sports events and to take part in a cross county special school para sports event.

Target group: All primary aged pupils at some point in the school year.

Potential Impact:

Access to working with other pupils outside of Billing Brook; Potentially the development of access to different sports; the opportunity to take part for a small number of pupils in a cross county para sports event (June/July 2014)

Evaluation March 2014

The sports instructor has developed a working relationship with other schools and is currently planning a cross school event and has applied to take part in the cross county special school para event in June/July 2014.

Additional training has been undertaken by the sports instructor to implement sport activities, and additional funds are being allocated to purchase more equipment.

This work will continue into the next phase of the School Sports Premium (April 2014 – July 2014)

March 2014